Product Of My Surroundings


[Verse 1]
.... the G-O-V economics, I’m the product of all this progress
I’m styling, …. a profiling, I’m wilding, …. all the violence
I’m using rhymes as my polish to rub off all of my problems
I wanted to be acknowledged for bringing choppers out of closets
The Malcolm X of the projects, inspired by all these watches
The cuban link caught attention, I sold it to make a profit
It’s simply all that we got and it seems that we never stopping
The finish line is here and I’m stalling cause I ain’t stopping
I’m bossing cause I ain’t propping
That young boy really popping
From Atlanta, you woulda thought Brooklyn would’ve had my album dropping
The dealership where I’m swapping, I’m gonna get that Lamb’ and cop it
Probably should get a Beam and have money left in my pocket
As long as the Glocks is cocking, I’m robbing hoods for their profit
The problem is that my knowledge won’t let you accept my wilding
I’m pushing way past the mileage, you forgot I’m from the 6
A product of my surroundings but I stick with consciousness

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