Cachoeira eee Cachoeira aaa
Me banho em suas águas
Para poder me limpar
Aye ye o Oxum
Sua luz dourada
A me abençoar

Bathe in a waterfall
It can clean it all
Nothing is gonna hurt
After the drops falls intro ground
Aye ye o Oxum
Her golden light
will protect you from now

Bañarse en una cascada
Y se limpia todo
Nada te lastima
Cuando las gotas se caem
Aiê iê ô Oxum
Su luz dorada
protegerte ahora

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About "Oxum"

Oxum is the orixá of waterfalls, gold, beauty, most of famous black people are sons of the mom of the rivers, the is an ode, my first release, I wanted to bless and feel blessed by my espiritual mom, I hope you feel the light and this is only the begging, to everyone in Nigeria, to los Hermanos de la Santeria e para os do candomblé.

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