Yo mix it up like this

Mix it up like this (x17)
Yo !

[Verse 1]
I got the streets waiting for me, they love the way that i mix
I want him coppin me islands, you want him coppin you kicks
You researchin' and profilin', still you can't mix it like this
Im in this kitchen just whippin', look at the flick of wrist
Im cookin' salmon for savages, mixing sips with my sisters
Just out here stylin' like Iverson, crossin' cats for my sixers
No they dont try to ban me cause i rep for the family
I made they team take a seat and thats prolly why they can't stand me
I mean uh
Ciroc and sprite, YOU BETTER
Redbull and Rum, YOU BETTER
You Better, ooohhhhh, Like go best friend
No they hate the way we reppin'
I be swervin no suspension
Yall too broke to pay attention so my name you need not mention
In the Bach, Inthat black on black
Got me feeling presidential
Loud ass music while I'm cruisin round yo residential
Got that loud so in the crowd they think I'm disrespectful
Couple immigrants just killing it on instrumentallllllllllllls, ooh !

Mix it up like this (x17)
Uhh, You Betta, You Gotta

[Verse 2]

My chemistry Zoeminican if you can't tell trick
My florist making me arrangements, call it trail mix
You niggas chips, i swear to God still on that stale shit
True to my flow and now they sick I'm takin sail real quick
Kept my seat down real low, mix my patron with my (??) then i mix it real slow
Round the way chick you know
Boss like got that Hublot
Been around the dog types, yeah i call em Cujo
This for the ones who don't sell they souls
Ain't scared to stand up and rep they hood
Came from a place where you lames don't go
Deep down inside you know they wish they could
Keep a Braveheart like Nasir
And them tre's tucked in my brasserie
Throw them kiss kiss and them bangs up
And them flames up, we don't change up
We just...
Mix it up like this (x17)
Uhh, You Betta, You Gotta

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