I’m the ceiling, the keeper of innocence,
I’m the feeling, I’ll only show up again,
I’m the reason that everything’s heavensent.
I’m the stutter, the spit in your instrument,
I uncover the things that are limited,
I am something that lives on your consciousness.

You’re becoming what you’re running from, what you never wanted.
You said something, I said nothing, I don’t know, I don’t know.
You’re different, You’re slipping, You’re different.
Just fix it, just fix it, just fix it.

[Repeat x4]
I’m the reason

Hey with the half smile, are you in doubt, are you unsteady.
Did you save faith, in a lost place, do you feel safe, do you.
It comes in the pauses when in company and it slurs your speech, and it slurs your speech.
And it lingers for moments or eternity, robbing you of sleep, robbing you of sleep.

Come inside, is this what you’re looking for.
Take its pride, is that what you’re looking for.

[ Repeat x15]
I Surrender

(And I’m in your fortress, and I’m in your sleep)
(And I’m in the pauses and I’m in your speech)
(And I’m running circles and I’m running deep)
(And I’m the confusion and I’m yours to keep)

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