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Hairy nutsackz



[Verse 1]
Hitta comin in
Hitta look like a hen
People comin at me hard
Hitta, I am hard
People can't test me
Bro, got a little meat
But everyone know me I am so knee deep but guess what
Bitch you a hoe
Come at me so-so
Guess what hitta
Can't test me hoe
Come on
Gotta call home
Guess what
Bitch you a hoe
Pitiful hoe
People comin home, comin no
Got that gnome in my front yard but guess what he is so-so
People, yeah
Everybody test me
Test me
Test me
Test me, test me, test me
Can't test with me
Like this A+ test
My piranha
People know me hard
Guess what
They call me dad
Dak Prescott
Dak, Dad, Dak, Dad, Dad, Dad
Guess what you have a hairy nutsack
Yeah, Yeah
Foreskin all over and you and you are ugly
Ugly bro
Matter fact you fugly
[Verse 2]
I'm killin em, killin em
Killin em, killin em
Bit, bit, bit, bit
Don't make me do this
Goin in one time
One more, one more time
Bro guess what, they call me David two-time
Yeah, I'm like Logic
But, I'm better actually
Guess what dude I have the green, green
Weed smells so good, good
Like, from the hood
Aye, sippin on that lean from the hood
Aye got some bud, bud, bud, Mmm
Can't go much harder anymore
Yeah, caught a body caught me call me Randy Moss
Got my deodorant here
Aye, Aidan layin down, come and give me rent
Aye, get me a rim job yesterday
Can't test me guess what you're gay aye
Come at me
Bro you can't beat me
Everybody comin home to me now
Dude, imma be makin millions am I 'loud
Loud cat
Big bucks
Big wallet
Fat ass
Comin back to my home
Bro, catch me goin beast

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About "Hairy nutsackz"

Debut song by the most fire rap group in the history of mankind.

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