Bangin’ West Coast


A-yo guess whos back, in this mothafucka
It's the pimp nigga G'd up with the pistol pump
I'm in the hood where it ain't all good
In the streets where they got beef from gangbangin' da police
So watch the corners, step too close the shots is on ya
Niggas are sick they got pneumonia
I asked a little homie why you wanna gangbang' you still looking at my chain
Everything you do, comes back to you
I see it full circle while I sit pullin purple
I was rap tight G to the ??? ????
Smart nigga loc never with the okey-doke
Age of 17, I took my first smoke, I was sliding high but fly
Wasn't on top but i'm steadily sliding by
I went to college but it didn't upgrade my knowledge
Hit the streets pretty soon my game was polished
Down wit the pound, just observe the paw, the action beat, the words thats raw
Straight at you no curves at all
I met a bitch wit the curves and all, I was down at the lakewood mall
I'm like "hey you lookin cute wit dat blue dress", the same night I was in that blue dress, you're lookin at the black young Hugh Hefner pimp wit the fur so fast vision is blurred
To keep goin is the game i'm showin
Take a look at the frames I'm flowin
I'm tryna paint the picture, of a time when the sun would shine the 64's would hop the gang stayed on lock the west coast was on top!
I stay back in the days wit da
Spades & Eazy Dr Dres wit the
House parties jumpin on the block, all night long like fuck the cops we gon keep bangin west coast

I got my Khakhis saggin wit my
Clothes my hat my chucks my rag and my, caddilac wit the dangerous spokes, california and it ain't no joke we gon keep bangin west coast

A-yo people get ready, for the, 2006 apocalypse we back at ya
Check it, gangster pimp mack at ya in 3D, the gang is a DP
The coast is the west, toast to the best, niggas talk shit put them holes in your chest, freeze from your toes to your vest
Don't move when a pro blow thru your breastplate too late you feelin a wrath of a true great a fly nigga, nothin' less than double-breasted, ??? ??? ??? a don but he's wreckless
I'm clean like diamonds on my necklace, I keep the nine on deck for all hecklers
The words is essence, soopa flow precious when the bottom line is gone, we gon party from dusk to dawn
Don't trip bitch trust the don, pick your lane??? ???
G's in the house jam-pack every ride bangin out the ???
Bitches lookin like "save me please", I'm just lookin like "Pay me please"

I'm just playin I'm sayin i'm waitin for the day and time when niggas can get their mind right, back on the grind they keep pushin the line the most down for the west coast


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