And you already know
Hit me on the down low
Don't put on no show, no
I'm chilling with my family
I don't answer yo call you gotta understand me
I can't get caught up fucking roun' with you
You got a man, I got a girl but you feelin' Pugh
I'm feeling you too, but keep that on the under
Ain't no pass by my house if you don't hit the number
Drop the top on my coupe
You ducking, you?
You don't want nobody to see you when we coming through
But fuck allat, I ain't got nothing to hide
Hol' up, I take that back babygirl I lied
You got a man but see we got a plan
And he wouldn't understand, I'm the one you love to hold you hand
And I don't believe in second chances when you fuck out
That's when somebody come around then they always luck up
Keep it real from the start
Tell me what's on your heart
Rule #1 we can't get caught
And you already know
Hit me on the downlow
Don't put on no show, no I know what I was dealing with from the jump
You got a man, I might see you just once a month
She say she love to fuck with real niggas and smoke blunts
She say she want me for to eat that thang up for lunch
Let me kiss it babe
I know you say you claiming him but you for me today
Chances they ain't no way, they'll do better finding needles in a stack of hay
Yep, that's my baby
That's the only thing I been sexing lately
Cos them other hoes, they on a track meet
They just distract me, that's why I'd rather stack cheese
Stick to basics
My life good tho, shit that's what I make it
I don't know how much I can take it
I'm in and out of court bae I need a vacation
And you already know
Hit me on the downlow
Don't put on no show, no

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