Kyle Goodspeed

Kid From Connecticut



Above the ignorance, but not the influence
Sorry if you ain't into it
I'ma run it back No Lynch
Whole season on the line
But you know that I'ma clinch
Reppin' for my own state
Rappin' for my own fate
All up on my own two
These others I condone you
You know who the throne belongs too
So don't take that wrong road
Stay up on the right path
Wavy in this bitch
Just trynna make the night last
Trynna make the high last
Taking hits up off this killer stash
Six man, John Starks
Balling all these lame narps
Started down the long road
This is where my fame starts
It's that kid from Connecticut
Peep the proper etiquette
As for the competition I'm already ahead of it
Coming to you live, are you mother fuckers ready yet (x2)

I'm an indigo father
Who's gone mentally farther
Than anybody who claims that they've succeeded through harder
And this is for starters
I'll battle against any predicament
With my words that I know are mine and legitimate
Step to me and there's a consequence
You'd be luck if you only lost consciousness
Due to the awesomeness
That I spew from my brain
No worries I'm not insane
I think I've just gone off the fucking chain

Somehow I graduated
Passed blunts twelve hours later
And that's how we celebrated
We got hella elevated
And then I got a few congratulations
Somehow in the hell you fucking made it
Now they try to ridicule
But their words are minuscule
So I barely even listen
Either way they all know I'm a competitor word to Marcus Stroman
I too would purposely die before I ever let my foes win

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About "Kid From Connecticut"

The 7th song off Wavy K’s debut mixtape Just Another Day. This song describes the kid who represents his state with honor and pride.

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