Jack Harlow



Watching Hitchcocks 'til I drift off
Woke up to this beat and let that shit knock
She won't give top 'til my dick's out
Clockwork every weekend it's like tick tock

[Verse 1]
I just hit Atlanta, I got 2for with me
In the cockpit, I might just take 'em to Pluto with me
If Bruno hit me, we might have to fuck with Mars
And they don't want to hear me sing
They told me rap those fucking bars
Well, alright
Trust I ain't forgot how to do it
I been in hibernation trying to fucking stockpile this music
I heard the shit that y'all been dropping is monotonous to me
You got a mic inside your room, well see that's not how you use it
Y'all fucking suck
Keep your distances from me
They should've warned y'all don't be fucking with that kid from Kentucky
I know some hipsters in my city, won't admit that they love me
'Cause back when they were my age, they wasn't shit except ugly
Chandeliers swinging through my comfort zone (Damn)
Standing here thinking how we gonna blow (Damn)
She got the manicured fingers with the butt that go
With her jeans, fitted, yeah she covered in Atlanta snow
And as for me, I'm just a young one
Walking, talking hundreds motions with her bout a hundred flows
I've been trying to find the next step
To make my best friends rich
And you been sitting 'round wondering if the blunt is rolled

[Verse 2]
Y'all come and go with them 20-minute dreams
Blown away by a coincidence and wonder what it means
Check your horoscopes at night and fall in love with what you read
Like the universe gon' have my back in 2017
You ain't 'bout shit
Feeling like I'm Reggie Miller down six
Doing 90 looking out for undercover Crown Vics
Flying out the city, paying zero dollars round trip
Saw her take a picture of me told her take it down quick
Bitch' I'm from the Lou
And they know me when they see me
Ever since I was in school
I should shout out to my father
Know they peep me handle business
All you really gotta know is I get it from that dude
Shooting from the Nazareth
We shooting for that platinum hit
It's Jack from out the Highlands
Going stupid on these tracks again
I'm moving with a pack of kids and supervising acid trips
Rappers getting worse I think they using too much Actavis
It's cool though
I'm just a guest inside the house
Of a culture that ain't mine
And I'm just blessed to be around
These kids be talking bout what's trash
Man I swear that y'all got some nerve
How you gon be most opinionated from the suburbs
I hope they bump this shit on Bardstown
With the windows down
Riding round while the stars out
In the garden now, this the wrong tree to bark down
Finally snapping on these hoes and I don't need no hard count

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