Shining (REMIX)


I got bars
Like a criminal in lockup
And it's clear to me
That you got none
If you talking shit
Your pains not done
Put 'em on blast like
Kurt Cobain's shotgun
Now you fall and bleed
Please stop with the faults
That you're calling me
Cause I read from the heart
When I'm on the beat
And honestly
Your facts are a false to me
Cause I dreamed and made my own talent
When I see I made the low balance
Yo my self esteem
Was an epiphany
So I engraved my name
On stone tablets
Grabbing the fact
That rapping's my passion
Y'all act like rap is not action
But in the back of all my math classes
I would just rap
While practicing fractions
And climbing the ladder
My rhymes never shatter
A sign that my time
Will arrive on a platter
Striving to gather
A 9 that'll splatter
My life was a lie
But it's mind over matter
Now huh
Now we gon' pick it up
Cause we strong
And we don't give a fuck
Yet I long
Just to go live it up
It's like a jock on my cock
Cause I fit the cup
I'm in the cut
But still they all want a slice
Like I'm a piece of cake
And I ain't talking rice
But my rhymes are sharp
And they could dice a knife
So I hope it'll bring me
The nicest life
And to the fans who be watching
I'm thanking you
And to the haters who hate me
I'm planning to
Start asking you
On why you are having to
Try to bring me down
Because I'm passing you
Cause you're lame as fuck
And I flame it up
Your brain is dumb
And my brain is not
So instead of support
They say I suck
And then they hate my name
Cause they don't make the cut

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