4th Quarter


Mr. Figueroa
Pulled up never sober
Can I take your order
Come up to my trap house, yeah I take your order
I ain't there, so my foreign hoe she take your order
In the field right now movin' with my soldiers
Shoot a nigga try to run up on me, call a lawyer
I ain't even gotta' say I got it by the quarters
Aye what you need, serve it by the quarter
Aye ballin' like the 4th quarter
What you need meet me at the border
Front that shit bitches in the water
See that chain shit like water
Shit look like some water
Shit look like some water
I could give a fuck about the pops, fuck his daughter
All these niggas say they want me, I gave them a warning
Any nigga run up on me, best believe I gone em'
You better get more humble
Aye these niggas try to talk down on me I'm gon' son em'
Aye you know I'm gon' be shinin', lil hoe I be sunny
Aye and my partner with me, know that he be gunnin'
And if my partner wasn't with me you know I'd be gunnin'
Road runnin' from these pussy niggas, never runnin'
Bitches talkin' fuck all them assumptions
Aye try to rob me up shotty get to pumpin'
Run up, lil boy who you bumpin'
Thumbin' through a check, you know I'm thumbin
Meet that lil hoe every Wedensday, you know she humpin'
And the gang, we get jumpin'
Yeah we get to jumpin'
Niggas try my partner, I'm gon' jump him
A nigga try me up, my partner jump him
I can't help it, that's how we was rasied to run it
How I turn into a guap feind and money junkie
How these niggas say they money hungry, money hungry
Not like me cuz' young Fauni really be money hungry
Not like me cuz' young Fauni wake up every morning
Get up early in the morning, already up
Aye if you come to fuck, lil hoe you know whats up
Why you acting stiff, aye why you acting new
I know you need a plug, aye but you can't be fool
Takin' chances tryna' fuck with you
Fuckin' up everything I got goin on, boy I can't fuck with you
Aye all these bitches act brand new when I'm in town too
Shit came to the function just to watch 'em choose

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