Kolawole Tokeaux

Dream Urban 2011


My blood boils from the bullshit they be spewin out
I mean it's such a debacle the way the game turned out
If I don't sound like you, that ain't sound to them
I be catchin shade just for dressing like a grown ass man
Back when you caught the fade, you had made the cut
Now dickheads got tough after we knocked Lorena Bobbit
But I can't settle for no rap sheet or no rapture
Since my birth name burdened me to bring the blessings
That means I can't make my money from the bitches
That's a strike to rap niggas, pimps, & veterinarians
But what's the difference in career
I could smell their fear and hear the clinkin
I've witnessed post slavery chains
This generation scream revolution for entertainment
You ain't the realist my nigga
You just real enough
I throw the rice with the okra up in the gumbo pot
Married to the game
Here's the food for thought
Look, I'm on this road campaigning until my album drop
Indirectly, I'm building a bridge straight to Africa
Responsible for more than the pavements under my niggas
And compounds over the melanated Nigerian
This kind of talk is very extra necessary
I pray my knees don't buckle under the pressure
Especially when they see me as African in the tribe
Or half blooded nigga and immigrant to my kind
This generation screams revolution for entertainment
I'm in the ivory tower fightin for some reparations
You ain't the realist my nigga
You just real enough
I connotate your flow to when ice melts in a cup

And it's thirsty to the masses
Your shit will be trash once they meet Tokeaux
Cuz I ain't no joke
I slit the industry's throat
With one quote by Egdar Poe, I juxtapose
Pops like 2 black Glock nines, (4) 4 5's & like (4) 4 4's
I make you dip yo neck
Gon' need your vest
Chin gon' hit your chest
Betta take yo dome
I'm gon' get my list
Brainstorm my hits
Broadcast my shit
Thunder dome
Spitting intermittent
Intervention for the vintage
Flow on swole like Popeye
With spinach
Yall straight chicken
Popeyes I grill
Pop fly
Westside Pop eyes if you dissin
If you don’t get it
Ill make shit simple
What's 1 Gemini plus 1 Gemini who buried gems
Resurrected & went a told a young Gemini
To occupy his time with riches
Justify his time, ambition
Just to go inside, just to coincide
Plus we idolize while we livin
Y'all ain't livin & I ain't bitin
He grab that torch, I grab that mic
Spit a verse for soul
Then rolled up right to Kendrick like
This generation scream revolution for entertainment
Truth be told you got the keys to the open door
But this ain't homage my nigga
This is homicide

Promise I'll be down to ride
You look into my hungry eyes
You prolly see 2 continents feuding
Boy don't be foolish
I'm way to raw with these raps
That sushi wound can't be sutured
Grew in a pool of savages
Ain't no changin my attitude
Still out here in the battle, this shit is deeper than rap
I stopped begging for handouts and started prepping my hands
I'm not in need of a chance
My independence is WEALTH nigga
Took a sabbatical from spittin these magical stanzas
And grooming these classics
Pissed on these tracks
Imagine this
Turning down deals, see y'all be back
I'm mastering my business and my study
5 years made bachelor
Step up in this ho with both feet like what's happening!!?
This just another notch upon the belt of our legacy
Now you can either watch or you can come with us
From this point on Freesho changing the plan negus

We strive for more than consumers we want community
2016 is Freehso tunics and hoodie fleece
Socks, sweatpants all types of apparel
If we not in yo collection, man yo wardrobe is terrible
Blame it on influence that brought me back to the vision
The West raises the vicious
I'm out here tryna get it
This for the influence that brought me back to the vision
Dream urban 2011
Thank Kendrick Lamar

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