Chris Travis - Smoke That Shit [OmenMIX]


I just smoked a sack, got it back then i rolled it back
I just copped that pack of that fire we aren't needing that
Bitch I'm moving fast blowing gas trying to make it last
Hammer dance if a nigga want it he can get the hands

[Verse 1]
Bitch I'm fucking posted smoking, toasted with the heater rolling
Bet I get that heater if a nigga ever fuck me over
Niggas think they cold, red nose bitch you on that coke
Catch me cross the globe fucking hoes I don't even know
Niggas wanna act tough, pussy nigga play ya role
I leave you here oh yes story never told
Flow change up damn near every fucking song
God I have your bitch ringing back like a ringtone
All these little niggas won't never feel my songs
All these bitch niggas gone hate when they see you grown
Bitch call me kyle cause I heard the niggas never home
Say she wanna fuck and she brought her damn friend along

[Verse 2]
Im forever son you not
Waterboyz forever hot
Burning up your fucking spot
Like a nigga smoking pot
You can die up on the spot
Fuck a tweet I'm at your spot
This shit go for any nigga that just got a fucking problem


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