HV Gutter

Too Much Sauce Remix


[Verse: HV Gutter] Girl I got too much sauce, smoking dope I ain't even cough, run it run it
Rollin hash all in a Raw fuck nigga don't call my phone if
Ain't bout money
Put in hella time now the whole team run it, yeah
Smoking on dope by the onion, yeah
I'm hella drunk I'm like fuck it no wait
I'm hella drunk I might fuck her
Make love in this club bitch I feel like I'm Usher she think she Beyonce that Lemonade fuck with her head I might fuck her to bed I'ma slut for the head I'ma puff to the head all this weed that I rolled I can sleep when I'm dead she knew me
For awhile she like me with dreads she know that I'm on top I just lean to edge, yeah this my life GFE till the next
Yeah, wait, hey, stop, bitch I been puttin out tapes like Scotch, no
Wait that's Too Much Sauce, rap niggas said I had too much dropped
Now they tryna do the same but they can't catch up
They ain't in our lane niggas can't can't catch us, no
Anything I drop they know that it's hot, workin writin and I'm smokin on pot
Wake up bake up and I'm all on her face like makeup makeup, they can try but them niggas Can't Fade Us, I'ma do my thang till I'm famous, young nigga puttin out bangers, aye
Yeah, don't do the brown so I'm rolling up white
Run outta papers I'll smoke out the pipe
Said I was done but they lied, bitch I can't quit till I die
I'll never die they gon keep me alive them lil hoes play my shit in they ride
You smoke one I'm rollin up 5, if I rolled it you know that it's fire
All that I need is my weed and my light and you know that I'm lit for night
Shout them hoes think about me at night I keep them in them in the dark they keep me in the light
Yeah we gon fuck when she see me on sight, then when I leave she wan see me on Skype
Sorry lil ma I would rather get high, roll up that ganja them I'm in the sky
They on my style, oh my god oh my god oh my
Leave V alone like Bari, I be gettin faded playin Carti
I be gettin faded off Bacardi bringin drugs to the party young nigga know I'm on it
Fuck nigga show me my opponent, gettin head while a young
Nigga zonin
In the bed with somebody shorty, yeah her head dumb
That's short bus shorty, yeah, wait that's too much, young nigga got pack like school lunch, and I roll two joints not blunts, that's too much

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