HV Gutter



[Verse 1: HV Gutter] still rollin up, still not a blunt, still talkin bout what them
Lil niggas want, see what they doing ain't real niggas front, I got
That dope nigga come get a bump, something from nothing gang, I want
The money man fuck a fame, wonderin why I fuck dont fuck with lames, I
See in the mirror how far I came, yeah, dog I swear I god she
Recognized me from the music I ain't even know her name I was with my
Niggas RowlandMaryWayne she was tryna chill I swear they all the same
Purple haze all up in my brain, lately things don't seem the same, out
My window I could see the rain, in my eyes you can see the pain I was
On the corner like a meter maid I can see the game needing V okay I'm
Bouta grind for it niggas hating on me no time for it I just make a
Beat and then I write a rhyme for it, play it at show lets these
Niggas know it's my mine bro if niggas calmed down and spent some time
On it maybe I would I play it round my homies but I'm only gettin
Better now, ain't no way a nigga switchin up, get a zip and ima twist
On my grind until I'm rich as fuck, competition rollin Swishers up
I'm rollin Raws while I'm wish em luck, ain't no penalty for giving
Love, but when it's me you feeling different huh, I know
[Chorus 2x] I swear I feel like it's 2012... still kick it with same
Stoners... you would be wrong if you think that I did it sober... Ima
Kill all you niggas fore the year is over...

[Verse 2: HV Gutter] back, back, back, back, back, back, I'm back on my shit, back
On tha, map, roll a zag, with, a bad little bitch, friends that I had
Gon be mad when I'm rich, Ima stay off lifted off that cannabis, stay
To myself how I handle this shit, they sleepin me like a Zan and a zip
I'm the man in shit roll a gram and then flickin my bic and then pass
It then dab on a bitch, niggas thought that I was dancin and shit
Heat the rig and put some wax on that bitch, shout out all my real
Stoners, they copy us but can't clone us, where were you when we was
Loners we was smokin doobies out on the corner roll up 7 doobies out
Of a quarter, niggas gotta get the scores up that's why all the hoes
Come towards us, we fuck em hard and y'all boredom she wanna ride my
Dick from here to Florida, niggas hatin in my city shoulda been from
Pittsburgh or New Orelans, or California with it blow about a zip I'm
Backstage with smoking with the baddest bitch
In a ziplock how we package it, all my niggas Savages doing bad shit
My niggas never had to quit, I smoke a jay in the whip, hop out then
Smoke a jay in the VIP, shout out the niggas who waited on this, they
Ain't gon hate its okay cause i'm lit niggas know


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