American Dad

Hot Tub of Love


[Hot Tub]
Hit the jets
And watch us blast off

There's something going on beneath the water
People getting hot
Making sons and daughters
It's just you and me
And L-U-V in the T-U-B
Hot tub... of love

Bubbles in the tub
Bubbles in the glass
Fig in your mouth
And my finger in your....


Making love tonight
Making intercontinental looove tonight

Are we above Egypt?

That's Mount Rushmore

Giving you a hickey over the mighty Mississippi
Sucking on your toe over downtown Tokyo
We're doing this dance over Paris, France
Chuck Berry me
Over Germany

We're going all the way
'Cause it's not a race
We can take it slow into outer spaaaaace
It's just you and me

Hot tub... of love

[Missile launch]

Mmm, yeah
We can take our time
Don't have to wait in line
This hot tub's in the V.I.P. tonight

Gimme the address to the ocean
I'm 'bout to write it a letter
You may be the ocean
But I'm hotter and wetter
[Song cuts off]
Dad! Hey?!

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