HV Gutter

My Circle


[Verse 1: HV Gutter] new beats still get me excited... crackin up while I'm writing
I'm zaggin up something fire just to put me on my, level, niggas thought I
Fell off, them niggas in, trouble The Wave is on the way if you ain't
Know then you should Get Familiar, it's Always 4:20 in Oregon even in
November, I'm SlightlyWorking met a bitch and asked her Do You Doobie
She said knew me and her favorite tape was Shark Sushi, The Child The
Rebel The Soldier got her Turnin & Burnin, you ask me, that's some
Epic Ass Shit it's 4:20 in the morning up for Extra Credit, got a Raw
It's still lit wavin to my new shit The Good Times came and went but
Now I'm looking forward, I put in work and now promoters wanna book me
For it, all my niggas got that dope so if you lookin for it.. hit me
Up, been the same no switchin up
[Chorus 2x] my niggas know the mission no division in my circle, you
Chillin gettin lifted if you kick it with my circle, them bitches know
The difference from yo niggas and my circle, we stickin to the script
No ain't no switchin in my in my circle

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