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Ion' give no shits, Ion play wit' the shits
She can catch a fucking clip, Ion give two fucks
We can throw hands or pop a couple xanns
Xanns wit' the fuckin' lean, mix it wit' the codeine yah
Put the dirty sprite in my cup yah, yah its time to double up
Nigga on a rollercoaster but ion' give a fuck, nigga on a rollercoaster but ion give a fuck
Youngspade all about the gualla, i was poor but never gave a fuck about a dolla'
Nigga in school but i never been a scholar, swea' to gawd i'll buss a nigga if he try me
Make his ahh holla' yah
Put yo bitch panties to the side, love a nigga from the side
Yo bitch wanna ride give her dumb dick , make her ahh fuck it
Im done wit' the shyts, im back on the shyts
That how exactly I treat yo bitch
She said she wanna' cum, i said watch my kids
She said what you mean so i busted on her lids, i busted on her lip
Now she wanna' keep me im counting my bandz, i swea i won't do it but i wanna' see you dance
Mozzy on her face, felling like cash carti
Ion fuck wit' these bitches, i fuck for the clottie
See this shyts day 2 day, talking bout that libre
Not with that she say, not with that he say
Flipping a brick call that bihh he she
Yah yah, hitting them threes for my team
Yah yah, Rollercoaster from my purple lean
Yah yah yah

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