Omg Marcos

Touchdown, Pt. 2


(Holy Mac )
Scored it when I caught it from the baseline
Ain't talking VC when I'm talking about this hang time
After this meat could suggest you some good whine
Preferably red when consuming a good prime
Master of sex like my checks come from showtime
Kill at positions my nickname is primerime
Yo I touchdown
So We lit now, on my, mighty, morphing, time
Transforming into freaks yea
I Lay that ass down like a beach chair
Keep it strapped up like my youngins hun
See the niggas I hang wit my only sons
They call me mac shorty let me show you something
Like your make up line keep your face A1
The strip tease is boring be honest
Like a animal I'm ripping off garments
Bust though that thang with no warrants
That job could wait suggest you call in
Have her screaming like OMG you all in
Take you to heights
I have the body soaring
Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend im sure one would like to join in
Shit i be on my job
I greet all them hoes
I'm something like your door man
(Hook) (OMG Marcos)
I'm a get going in a min
I'm a lay the pipe in min
I'm a OJ in a min
I'm a get the gloves in a min
I'm a get the killing in a min
Touchdown -

She knows, she know she know
I'm gon hit it right, yea she kno
She know she know she know when I tell her goodnight, yea she kno, she know she know she know, I'm All that she needs n more, I got what she's craving for, Touchdown, this that final score

(OMG Marcos)
I thought I told u before, when I'm home she knows, look, I'm a bad mon ting, like criminal background, she my P.O. we just take it slow, cause the night still young like do, re mi baby, got me gon, crazy for punani, so, feed me lady, damn I love nights like this, when the freak comes out, then the sex game switch, like time to adjust, ain't this some shit.. she like OMG go and make a fist, I'm like dammit man, this chick got me all in it, I call her my queen, and she ain't even dark-skinned (Haah) wait, when I'm with one, them full lips give me motives, plus she good with the mouth u should see when Kelly Rowland, and I got a thick jawn, she try to break me, like I ain't with the shits, so I took that lil pill now my thang feeling limitless whoaa, I'm all in


(OMG Marcos)
She know that pipe game strong I got her crawling, I'm knocking her walls down oh shit I'm falling, in love baby u got me crazy for ya, my bad my bad I apologize, girl I'm sorry..


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