[Intro from Pusha T - "M.F.T.R." Studio Session]
Y'all niggas rather be more famous than rich
I ain't never live my life trying to be famous, at all
I don't give a fuck about that shit
We tryna' get this motherfuckin' money, stack these coins
Motherfuckin', my momma gotta motherfuckin' gamble every week
That's what the fuck she wanna do and that's what I'm doin' this shit for
Like you know what I'm saying, like, this shit is like, I'm doing this shit so I can do what the fuck I wanna do and everybody around me can do what the fuck they wanna do
Like, that's just it
If they can't do that, then I don't need to be doing this
I can go do some more other shit
These motherfuckers are supposed to be trillionaires, millionaires, crying about stupid shit
We supposed to be living
[Verse 1]
You like what happened to the time that we believed in each other
You be callin' like it's mine we need to be with each other
Thinkin' I can run the city, give the keys to my brothers
Cop a big ass house and give the keys to my mother
I just thought about my pops and how his style was unique
He had the strength that I admire now I found it in me
To know I [?], wonder how proud he would be
Told me they'll just you forever and now I agree
Watched my childhood friends switch and some of em' die
Remember winters we'd shine and summers we'd cried
Cut em' off cause they wasn't real, yeah some of em' lied
Took the knives out my back, now it's nothin' I'm fine
And besides all the blessins' ain't got nothing but time
I'm just takin' my time they won't take nothin' of mine
I used to wish Tripps could hear at least some of my rhymes
Now we on my mixtape and we one of a kind
Niggas wish they was famous but me I rather be rich
They get lost in the hype, that's what I rather be this
Hope it don't happen to me, the shit that happened to B.I.G
When I was contemplatin' quittin' you was havin' a fit
The clique told me don't stop when I lost my laptop
And I'll never forget it, that's why I cherish them niggas
If you need me for whatever it's whatever I'm with it
Hopin' we could change the weather we'd be settled, we winnin'
I know forever we sinnin' but I just pray we forgiven
God got you if you believe, that's just my opinion
I just give em' facts on tracks but they never listen
But shout out to the real ones that always see my vision
I know you was thinkin' bout me all night
Hopin' I call you over so you could spend the night
I know that they hatin' on me oh lord
Born with nothing so everything's what I go for
I tell you how I feel you like say what
Shit be real all them nights I just stayed up
The clique ain't never playin' they can't play us
One day these radios gone play us
Got it on us if they play tough
When I step into it gotta pay us
But still we trappin' like we trapped up in a maze
They role-playing, ain't got no time to act all in they play

[Verse 2]
I'm off that, maneuver, I don't hassle with the craze
I'm bossed up, they still out here hatin' it's such a shame
I got to it, getting to it nothing in between
Never sleepin' on em plottin' they ain't fuckin' up my dreams
I'm woke, got the faith and the hope
Got the grind, the ambition and the patience to cope
Heart racin', doctor say I can't rap again
Next day hit the studio made a track again
Bad movie cause I don't know how to act again and nothing could stop me
Time I ain't hold it down you couldn't come and remind me
If I told you it was over you would still come and find me
You don't want nothin' else you said it's somethin' about me
And it's just somethin' bout this lifestyle
I could say I'm blessed as of right now
So I never stress nothin' in life now
Difrent' Difrent' Difrent' Real Right Sound
Real Right Sound
Difrent' Difrent' Difrent' Real Right Sound
Real Right Sound
Difrent' Difrent' Difrent' Real Right Sound
And I won't never change but I'm different
Gettin' it a lot of ways I'm different
Same shit different day and I'm different
Man that's all I gotta say is I'm different
Bitch I'm different
All I gotta say is i'm different
Same shit different day but I'm different
I won't never change but I'm different

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