We Underground


[Twisted Insane]
I'm a lunatic with a great big trigger, bust if you keep fussin a ho killer, messing with me destined uh fo realla with the rest and they meet death and they all feel it, in a motherfucking bathtub full of blood and guts and breasts and nuts and brains and butt and shit, elbows and toes a nose a couple of vas-ho's a pole I know bro I'm sick, I'm a little different If you really wanna listen, I will get up in your system, put a bullet in yo face and, everybody wanna fit in with a nigga that be ripping anybody that wanna come up against the opposition, and I kick doors, I might kick yours, wait for the full moon 'fore I get yours, and look at what you get a werewolf, coming in with a really big dick looking for a thick whore, til my dick gets numb, and the pussy get done, til the shit look like chewed up bubble gum, dick is bigger than Willow when you be off in the pillow, fill em what they think im a deala' until your brain get spun, and then i walk into the club with a heater and a hatchet, a can of gasoline and I fuck em with the matches, to slice all the enemies into drunk batches, igniting everybody until they can burn to ashes, we bury you in the scenario, hope you can hurry for niggas thatll run up in your house and murder in the night, am I scared of these niggas, don't wanna be figured, for busting these triggers, for any one of these motherfuckers on sight, ever wonder how the thunder sound, why would ya pack heat under mound, because the motherfucker that's coming and everybody is running, because they got it from the underground

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