[intro: Dev the Follower]

Dev the Follower, for those who didn't know

[verse 1: Dev the Follower]

I pull up, and I shoot out the whole block/
They like Dev, why you act like this, you need to fucking stop/
What you got? Bourbon on the rocks/
I am ill so call the Doc/
This is hot, I kid you not/
Straight fire like this fucking NOS/
She got lost in the sauce, then she give me top/
On her back, she flop/
I am fucking this bitch up/
Nigga, what? /
Grew up in the sticks/
Resin on my fingertips/
Blistering my finger with/
Promethazine, a hit-or-miss/
Mister Lean, I’m clenching fists/
Listerine post fish and chips/
Got diamonds and gold on my wrist/
It’s exorcism, sizzles with/
Investments and some scissor clips/
Fizzles soda, piss delicious/
Kisses and this dried hibiscus/
List this on your miss’s wish list/
Explicit riches and first misses/
Vicious missiles, inconsistent/
Justice with theses narcissistic/
Bitches, you can’t miss this/
Reminiscing the ambitious/
Witness killing then dismisses/
Serial killer, cleaning dishes/
Wiping blood off Slim’s assistant/
[Interlude: The Gifted One]

Yo, it’s The Gifted One, hahahaha
Let me tell you something, man. Keep my name out your mouth
Nah, it’s not even that. How do you start an intro in the middle of a-
This isn’t even a hook, I don’t get it, hahaha

[verse 2: The Gifted One]
Yo, lately I think I just want to speak what’s on my mind/
You been taking shots; we been making them while we blind/
And I’mma bring some music that’s coming finer than wine/
And if I die before I’m 21, my homies build a shrine/

I stay plugged in and come Direct just like this Cable/
Please don’t fuck with me, my partner stupid and unstable/
If I say go kill for me, he will do it if he’s able/
But don’t call him psychopathic, actually he don’t like that label/

Bitch, I’m real reclusive, want my bread with every crumb/
Now your bitch is so fucking stupid, gave me brain and now she’s dumb/
And if you’re talking down, I’ll take a finger, maybe thumb/
And if you step up on my name, I’mma chop you and take your tongue/

On a frantic expansion to build a mansion in the Hampton’s/
I’mma make a rock of ages, album – Marilyn Manson/
I’mma fuck the game while I’m skipping pointless romance and/
Until I sound like Hendrix and I see the diamonds dancing, bitch/
Fuck you thought it was, nigga
[verse 3: Slim Will]

Pull on the block, with that Tech; watch it spray/
Nigga, I don’t fucking play/
I smoke weed every day/
And I got my young niggas in the Jungles with AK’s/
Extended mag’s, like bananas, find your house and watch it shake/

I can tell these boys are fake, ‘cause they ain’t gon’ shoot shit/
They be on the block with Glocks, it’s like they posted empty clips/

I be trappin’ with my niggas, moving work just like a clock/
Nigga, Dev & Scotty Pippin, when he shoot, he drop an OP/

And this goes to anybody, nigga, pull up get this work/
I got keys in the Keys, Stevie Wonder on this verse/

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