Singh Mahoon

Sikh Nation Salute


Singh Soorma we back with the Avengers ,
reminder of your backwards dividenders,
"No man, no time for peace talk, close envelope, we send it back to the sender"
Defender of the Uk, "We No longer care for what you do say"
I'm bringing the Guru back in full flavour, the ether asked me for this favour,
Black Kurtha low hanging sabre, balance of the force you call me Singh Vader,
because the only way your gonna take on a system is through the use of the Anarchy, the cook book and hood look,
Otherwise your racing a Suburu with a 'tuk tuk'.
The war mentality, packing all of your fallacy,
tragically walking manitee, im flowing beyond the galaxy,
killing wit no apathy,
peep the ones that are mad at me, it made me blue dibi dibi dabadee.
No more playing the causality, no more playing the victim,
im feeling screaming fuck the system,
and the mood swings, everyone like whos him,
Singhmahoon is taking form of MR Udham.
[Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale]

Tetth is the way that we speak Punjabi,
got that rigid like we taksali,
all I do is move like our Guru speak, and even the "Sikhs" calling me Atunkvadi,
right now I switch to Abdali, because now i hear Punjabi rappers sounding Hindi, all I hear is hear is "please gimme a bindi,
"Man your pugh is looking a bit Vingi"
like Zazu said uhnu chader vangar chardey, sir parkey uhnu Khalardey,
kio Jado sanu dekhdey, oh stupid England mundey Vigardey.
"But we got it locked like the Afghan Sikhs,
because you wana listen when an Afghan speaks,
Make fun coz we wear the Kenyan pugh, but we got that Kenyan Love,
"Jambo amarigani, but brother speak slow, because, MIMI njdua ki Swahili ki dogo"
While other selling out like "we we maliya"
We enhancing our flavour, savour what we make here, make clear there is no time for fake fear.
We are the poor people living in your sequel, but your paying homage down to your steeple,
My mandem round here we have no equal, and were learning the fast way that Protest dont work,
so we hit em in the pocket keeping it kosher,
"No sir we Don't respect your authority Until my Land has its Autonomy.
Khalistan Zindabaad!.

[Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale]

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