It's ya boy, L.J.Law
A.K.A Yung Japanese Keyboard
Finna try to rap

I'm a Leo but a farm cat in soul
Tryna make changes like diamonds to coal
See me on horizons smokin a bowl
My face is my only method of birth control

See me taking off like the challenger
Writing raps call me Salinger
Whippin through all yo traps
Bumpin this shit that claps
Or perhaps take a nap
On yo bitch's lap
Drinkin sap with my schnapps
7 years have elapsed
Aught 9
Back up that grapevine
I'd be up Alaska Airline
Now i just want some fine twine wrapped around my spine
Got my mind bur lapped and kidnapped
Call me Amber
Feeling trapped
Behind my own face
Shoot me into deep space
Running at a steep pace
Running from my demons
Still dreamin
One day ill be as free as Morgan Freeman
Until that day comes ill be grinding with a blunt between my gums
Rhymes so dirty that you slums need tums
Yung Japanese Keyboard
But I'm not bored
I'm hardly adored
Keep that lean poured
Keep my green stored
I'ts not overboard to call me the overlord I'm sharp like a smorgasbord of swords, or sorts

Bring it back bungee cord
Tryna break through like a full back scored
Number 1 on the pegboard
Switching up the flow
You already know
Get my manifesto
Get a girl like Natalie Monroe
Double check the memo
I'm coming out the cut
Jus tryna bus a nut

Drinkin Makers Mark
In the car park
Dodging loan sharks
Cryin cause I lost my spark
Finishing this is my first benchmark
Boy I got a thirst that I gotta nurse
Gotta big purse but still wearing converse
I'm caring and sparing but perverse

Gotta put this in a jukebox
Maybe then ill make it in the boondocks
Hold it down, concrete blocks
Not generic or orthodox
Room full of crusty socks
Harder than bedrocks
Over the moon like a silver fox
But im not hopping
Not stopping
Fought till im dropping
No matter the whopping
Blowin up like a suicide bombing
Beat so mossy
Got me cooking something saucy
Stay frosty
Got my knees all wishy-washy
Catch me in your city bein bossy

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About "SAD BOIS 1874"

L.J.Law’s debut track off of the Day of the Dead EP made by L.J.Law and his childhood friend and fellow member of OGRE PO$$E AC Coolin

EP: https://soundcloud.com/oposse/sets/day-of-the-dead-ac-coolin-x-l

L.J.Law: https://soundcloud.com/ljlaw

AC Coolin: https://soundcloud.com/accoolin

SAD BOIS 1874 Track info