Ima see the world in lavish/ yeah/ not 1080p graphics/yeah / in flights in first classes/ yeah / not worry bout finances/ yeah / better learn who you boutta dance with / this city I’m aboutta lap it’s / YouTube rapper on a adsense / I know I been on an absense/ been making music worth a hunnid grand since / I gathered badges / fore I vanish into thin air with a bigger check that I can cash its/ ashes flying through the air burnin bridges I can brag with/ from a young age got hungry for the bandwidth/ now i’m back in the rap shit / so who you tryna bash its/ getting kinda old and i’m bat shit oh you could never ever pass this i’m getting massive on a wide scale so/ done being passive
People tryna take my chances/ under circumstances that I just can not stand here for /


Whipping’ in a Ghini from san diego to deany / all these mother-fuckers look at me/ they wanna be me/ I don’t know why/ fans wait outta venues for hours just to see me/ feel like a super-nova / little do they know I got personas / they don’t know the real-me they just wanna photo / we inspire kids to give a fuck about diplomas / make em’ do these drugs until they caught up in a coma / addicted to the coke and I ain’t talking’ boutta soda / and all I ever wanted was to say that I went pro-ma / I went pro-ma…

I feel like I’m a monster/ 6’4 giants just stomping on these concerts/ watching’ all these other rappers / grow up like impastas/ who just don’t got the sauce heh/ fuck with me and get caught up all up inside the cross hairs/ whipping out the impalas I make it through all the commas / i’ll make to king of genres / got me swimming in the water / till I know I win the lottery / and if you sick of it/ suck it because theres gonna be a lotta me/ coming and...

Listen/ i’m aboutta blow the amp bro/ going everywhere that they told me that I can’t go/ rollin in the lambo? hell no/ I don’t even gotta whip but yenno I’m riding through the land doe/ damn bro/ supplying for the Fam tho/ I been killing shit for too long on the down low I’m just tryna see how damn far that I can go/ is the fact Im better than you the reason, you mad bro? if I started back with the knowledge that I now know/ i’d be getting like -like 100 thousand downloads / now i’m watching all you fucking haters steady drown slow in the waves that I made / fighting for the crown doe/ 

Now it’s like a tsunami/ its better that you prolly take cover in 2 years i’ll be in a new rari or maybe a bu-gotti just kidding ill be whipping a prius/ yeius / 

Yeah / I be rolling with the dons now/ oh wow/ I be making my  mama so proud if we at a party make sure we turn it so loud and if we have a show we make sure that shit be sold out / and if we in the studio we really going all out and if we whipping through the city late at night we going through the streets that are closed down /oh wow / I’m supposed to be home now.. like I can’t be out my moms gonna kill me

No like really like I'm past my curfew and I'm gonna get killed if my mom sees me out I gotta go bye

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About "Whippin’"

When I first heard about the #OneTakeContest I overlooked it thinking I had no chance in winning because of a recent loss in another contest I came close to winning. But then one of my close friends tagged me in the video again and I got a huge spark of inspiration and went and bought the Butta Comin beat and wrote this entire song the same day and the next morning hit the studio where I knocked it out in one take and then in the SAME day called up my visuals @Vince Constantine and told him we have to make this video, he dropped everything he was doing and we got this warehouse and a friend of mine and the rest is in the video! I hope you all like it please share to help me win!

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