Revolutionary Rhythm

Rock The Beat (prod. Je$u$)


[Chorus: Kid Abstrakt & Predominance]
It's like that y'all, we in the place to be
It's the R2 crew, we be the two M.C.s
From here to over there, no matter the location
We travel the underground, bombin' radio stations
Tell a friend to tell a friend, we back at it again
Deliver the raw rhythm, let the ink flow from the pen
Cash, clothes, and chains ain't the reason why we spittin'
If you can't handle the heat, get the fuck out the kitchen

[Verse 1: Kid Abstrakt]
What y'all know about the raw shit, y'all say nothin'
We keep the beats bumpin', but these rappers be frontin'
Revolutionary Rhythm, with the mic we complete
But Predom please, let 'em you know how you like your beats
[Verse 2: Predominance]
Just like my steak, I like my beats raw
With the snare and a thump that will break right through a wall
With a tremblin' hype and adrenaline risin'
So what's your first thought when the mic's in you sight, man?

[Verse 3: Kid Abstrakt]
I grip the mic tight, always been a passionate dude
Never been rude, but I rhyme with an attitude
Rappers cocky in the streets, keep it humble when we speak
The truest of M.C.s, so check the technique

[Verse 4: Predominance]
Technique is nothing but another word for skill
And I spit hot lava, what the world is filled with
Catch us at a cypher or just walkin' down the mall
But whatever the place, guaranteed we keep it raw

[Bridge: Kid Abstrakt and Predominance]
It's like that y'all
It's like that y'all
It's like that-at-at-at
It's like that y'all

[Verse 5: Predominance]
Call it what you want to call it
I'm a rap-aholic on the mic
You know I bomb it and I see it how I call it
And I call it how I see it
But you would never believe it
But never test Predominance
I mean if you like breathin'
[Verse 6: Kid Abstrakt]
If you want to spit it, you better get with it rhymes are infinite
I kill it soon as you start, Yo you're finished
So watch me set it, your rhyme style is pathetic
I'm energetic, you say that your sick, call me the medic

[Verse 7: Predominance]
So we could be the medics if you let it, but don't call me doctor
Every opportunity we gotta spit it proper
Never ever do we spit it mentally retarded
So don't let me catch a whack M.C. and please don't get me started

[Verse 8: Kid Abstrakt]
Rappin' actors folds when shows bring dope flows
If rap is a game, I don't need the cheat codes
I destroy and attack, attract, so watch me bomb this
Rappers imitate, but can't duplicate the rawness

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