$tress Posse



Words get stuck in my throat
I keep people away like a moat
I'm surreal and cutthroat
Tryna stay afloat like a life boat
Developed a gnarly cough, prayed that it was cancer
But I'm a leo with no answer
Maybe I should take a trip to rio to find a necromancer
Cause I'm dead inside
I'm cockeyed
I've cried each time that I've watch the Princess Bride
Always say maybe tomorrow i'll commit suicide
Take potassium and cyanide
Boy, i'm the champion you better hide
Smoke so much weed that i'm surprised i'm not permafried

I'm a vehement demon
Not stupid like the Even Stevens
Spit so mad that you'd think its treason
It's huntin season and I'm huntin every being
Gonna conquer every region even Sweden
And afterward, ill spread my semen
You think I'm mad?
I'm just gettin even

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About "$tress Posse"

A song off of the first project L.J.Law made.

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