Anything You Want


Anything you want - sshh - you got it
Don't turn your speakers to loud
Anything you need - it's gonna get alot louder, ok - you got it
Ok good - baaaabbyyyy

[Verse 1]
What would I have to do to just convince you
That making out with me would be a good idea
Months down the line we can go to Ikea
Crapes for brunch and sip sangria
Makes sense to me - sound good to you?
No? Not even then? Well then I'll try again
But I'll give it 10 minutes because the pick up artists
Said some chicks see persistence as weakness
And I don't want to seem like a weakling
But you look so damn pretty when you're speaking
Can't turn away, you got me tractor beamed
I got the lava in my stomach and there's about to be
A bunch of butterflies fluttering around
I know I must look like a stuttering clown
But you got to realize I may have just found
The one chick who just deserves this crown
Anything you want
You got it
Anything you need
You got it
Anything at all
You got it

[Verse 2]
10 minutes is up, and I know for sure
Because the timer on my iPhone let me know
And I pray to God you didn't see me set it
Because that would make me really regret it
But if you did I hope you thought it was cute
And not stupid, I tend to often shoot my boot
Two left feet walking in circles steady
You can just call me Eugene Levy
You're best in show, I'm probably best at something
Can't put my finger on it 'cause my chest is pumping
If you won an award, and I tied you for it
I'd give you the blue ribbon and you'd smile for it
Irresistible charm, you touch my arm
I hope that was a sign for good things to come
If you ever need something just holler, baby
You can go and spend all of my dollars, baby
I'll give you
Anything you want
You got it
Anything you need
You got it
Anything at all
You got it
Anything you want
You got it
Anything you need
You got it
Anything at all
You got it

[Verse 3]
You're Ms.Pacman, and I'm Pacman
You're Cat Woman, I'm Batman
They're cool now, they don't fight now
Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton riding bikes now
They hold hands, and get take out
And when they finished eating all they do is make out
And we can do that too, and do it soon
Because the song is almost done, and I've got a room
At the Best Western in Camden
You're great because you love my ranting
And raving, about Hampden
Kinda chuckled when you called me hansom
Freestyle about misbehaving
And you love that I hate the Ravens
Because I'm an Eagles fan, a regal man
No pressure baby girl, but I need your hand
I got a sparks in the right, but the left is free
You got money, but trust me the sex is free
I'll have you wiggling around like a centipede
When we're finished you'll say that it was meant to be
And for lunch I will take you to Friendly's
Spend the whole day pretending that we're 17
Getting kicked out of the movies for drinking beers
The thugged out usher tried to call us queer
I threw 'em in the dumpster and showed 'em that
You never talk shit to my little pumpkin patch
That's a weird nick name 'cause your hair ain't red
But half the stuff I say doesn't even make sense
So uh...Just disregard
And since we ain't playing games just ditch the cards
With chemistry like this we don't even need physics
You knocked my ass down like the '92 Reddick

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