When morning comes we'll see who's left alive
The apocalypse is really bad this time
Pile your firewood up high,
'cuz you don't wanna die
Out there in the cold with all the poor folks
The apocalypse is really bad this time!

I've been watching armageddon-TV
And buying guns for when they come to get me
I got my generator on,
Dug a trench in my front lawn
Bought a thousand tons of ramen
Chicken flavour!
The apocalypse is really bad this time!
I bought some batteries from the dollar-store
Next week I'll go out and buy some more
I dug a well in my back yard,
It wasn't all that hard,
Just hope it isn't poisoned, from all the fracking..!
The apocalypse is really bad this time!

You can say I'm a little nervous,
You can say I'm filled with fear,
But we don't need your government,
Your healthcare or your queers,
We're taking back the constitution,
Taking back the White House, too,
We're going back to the way things were in 1492
Duck Dynasty for president,
We'll start our own Nascar,
We'll drink beer out of camo-cans,
And kill off the retards,
We're taking back christmas,
No tax on cigarettes,
We'll fix everything with duct tape,
Except for the national debt!

The Apocalypse is really bad this time!

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