J. Gillie

To Whom it May Concern


Bitter pill to swallow
Let my worries wallow
Stop the EBT the fuck we gonna eat tomorrow?
Hood sorrows
I need a shoulder to lean a friend indeed
Instead, I'm isolated
Leftovers microwaved it
My pitch is higher lately
It sound like Michael made it
Why they do me like that?
Them niggas violated
These streets is violent ain't they?
You see the smile is fading
You see the clothes is staining
We blue like Muddy Waters
I guess the sky is raining
Look at me driving drinking
It got me hydroplaning
Behind the bars with satan
They've never been a plaintiff
I put my clothes in Hefty
Ain't ever own a hanger
Most of my family strangers
Ain't it so depressing the time waning
Die to cross the border so hunger can stop complaining
Couple cents an hour while speaking in broken english
Ya'll just rather gossip who fucking your favorite singer
Cease, they joke and call me Sharif
Sigh and yawn when I preach
Just tryna wake your belief
Grief stricken it's a sickness homie I just need a minute
They ain't never wanna listen rather go and mind they business
Well, excuse me
Got me drug abusing
Devil sent some enemies I done let a few in
It's tragic
Help me aid operations I feel like Magic
Every picture captured in lyrics is so emphatic
Stuck in this equation I'm falling out mathematics
One time for Matt Capo
Late nights at Ortiz his presence so de facto
You always had my back bro
Love used to be so special
You fall and cupid catch you
I'm creeping moving careful
I left my phone forgetful
Nothing but busy signals
How quickly they forget you
Who put that selfish in you?
Now I stay sharp like ginsu
Sometimes I cop the rental
Put some confidence in you
Made the front of the issue
Fantasizing but dammit man I can go pretend, too
On that highway to hell well homie squeeze and make room
I'll pay the tolls
Split it, dump it, then roll
Loosing sight of your goals
Create average joes
Brought her home from my show
Unload, expose toes
She whispered, "I hope we grow"
Well, Baby girl that's the goal
Come closer a nigga cold
Giggle I kissed the nose
Back and forth stories told
That tension she letting go
Comfortable as if she been here before
Now she feeling my soul got her exposed
And just as home girl lost her clothes I had her singing like...

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About "To Whom it May Concern"

J. Gillie releases a freestyle over Jay Z’s classic instrumental, “Dear Summer.” As he battles with personal demons, J. Gillie candidly expresses his take on multiple controversial issues.

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