Nikolai Xavier

No Diamonds



No diamonds on my neck
Good peoples all I get
Gotta bad bitch by my side
Two jobs go to school and I still get high

(Verse 1)

No foreign car, Chevy lately
How hard I grind, try to hate me
And you know it's from the 90s baby
At the same time whippin' I'm a 90s baby
Take that car to the beach
The beach with my friends
My friends on a wave we be piffin' again
That was summer time fine but the grind in session
Football games look for the freshman
I don't know to much about life
All I know is that I'll never live it twice
Bouta go 100 for the night
You can catch me on a one way flight
And you know what I got to, give the positive
But never try to cross the kid
I'm just tryna lock it in
On the map bouta drop my pin

(Verse 2)

Going harder than a Bean town starter
About to die in this bitch pulling up with the charger
I don't need to flex to prove that I'm right
You don't understand cuz what you see is out of sight
Out of mind this ain't science it's a sign
At the top of the world and I'm tryna get mine
Follow suit 45s in the cut
Got the fam in the back like a movie actin up
Don't stress over shit you can't change
Tryna cop a 4 door with the range
And I never act right in my brain
But you know these things always strange
No pause on life just play
Everything better go my way
50 - 50 on the pipe that I lay
Parmesan with the sauce gourmet
(are you fucking kidding me)


(Verse 3)
Drop the top and roll the whip
Gotta loud pack roll the spliff
We can hit the back or call it quits
Do you know where the fine print is
Hit shots all night hold table
Gotta find you a girl no label
And we staying till the party shut down
Always know when the crew is around
We too young
We too lit
So screwed my dude like a tool bit
Always staying real true to myself
Never sellin' out but we stayin' high on the shelf
This is my life and we living
Gotta thank god for what I'm given
Never slowin' down that's a fact
Gone for a minute but I'll be right back

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