Take Away the Stone


He was just outside of Bethany on the way to help a friend
When Martha came to meet him and she said
"If only you had been here, Master, he would be alive
But it's hopeless now; Lazarus is dead"

Jesus heard her tell of death but he spoke to her of life
And received the news as if he hadn't known
He said, "Anyone who follows me will never really die
Just believe in me and take away the stone"

Take away the stone
I am the resurrection
Open the door
And see God glorified
Take away the stone
I am the life victorious
Open the door
To the miracle inside
Everyone has known at times how Martha felt that day
Defeated and surrounded by despair
Oh, but when you walk with God, you know there's always hope
Just because he's there

Whenever you're in trouble and you don't know where to turn
Don't try to fight your problems all alone
Remember Jesus works today just as he did then
Just believe in him and take away the stone


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