By force or fraud, they will fight, supermajority wins
Unconstitutional mob, yet repressed souls seek revenge
Pervading evil of men, of one democracy’s end
Intolerance for the law which does not apply to them

One nation under your God. Thrown in the street like a dog
Collect the funds and move on. There’s no freedom for the poor

No words and no more scapegoats to post your blame
We’re nameless like the others you’ve thrown away
You kick us when we’re down and you walk away
The scars only remind us we have no place

Some of us don’t have a choice. We take just what we can get
You try to silence our voice, without a spine you can’t stand
The Bill of Rights is a scam, created for enslavement
We thought we might have a chance in what you call the Heartland

I curse the white man in spades: Demigod
Everyone knows cash is king: Revolt
Diabolical warfare, not for the welfare of man
We shall not be moved


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