French Montana

Love You Till You’re Gone


To my niggas behind the bricks and walls
When you come home
Them hoes and bottles on me
The streets my home
They don't love you till you're gone

One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock rock
5 series, 6 series, 7 series drop
They falter, the multi-
Million dollar boy, i feel insulted
No business with emotions I came from roaches
To deers in my backyard, now where I'm going?
My vision blurred, I couldn't tell you that far
I'm out for cash and fiends throw the rock on the glass like the backboard
This for my mans, till the end I look back for 'em
That did the crime, did the time, then to you I tilt my hat for
Homey my guns ring like telethons, intercoms
They get all in your skin like silicon
Still I'm goin, top off, locked jaw
A hot boy, I get higher than the top floor
One drop, two drops, three drops roll up
One shot, two shots, three shots, load up!
I see it now, never let em see you down
Hunnid rounds in the clip, silencers, you wouldn't hear a sound
Eat dirt, stole cash out my momma purse
Now I spend ten stacks on my momma purse
Cursin and outta jail
My nigga Max two million dollar bail
Coke Wave nigga, 2 million sale
Grease got the recipe and you can tell I'm Gordon Ramsey
You know I chef it up like a lobster tail!
On Canal I get it free, nah it ain't ten a key
Look homey it's 35, I dont know who told you lies
?? drop like flip-flops, no ceiling
Go snowmobiling on my wrist watch
Bitch watch me like Pay-per-view, this my come up
Watch me take one brick then make it two
Made it through the hurricane, nah I didn't know the name
Montana, you dont need no Arm & Hammer
I'm trying to clean my sins, but for what?
When in the hood I'm from, they say the good die young
Homey welfare, healthcare, daycare
Niggas 25 doing 25, homey it's hell here
Hell yeah I'll bring them my excuse
Dont get stepped on like grapefruit
Homey trying to stretch through
Break it down, bring it back
And this for my niggas that never made it back
Homey trying to make a sale
Death only thing promised
And im as close the thing that you get to the promised land
Look homey promise me
Carbon 15 with a hunnid clip
This for my enemies when they slip, I'm on your ass
Everytime, every line, three clips gon' heat em up
One brick, two bricks, three bricks, reing-up
Homocide, suicide, genesis, genocide
Homey it's the game of live, you dont get to play it twice
See the light? That's the promised land, promise me
You'll tell God I'm a honest man
Cuz when niggas dead they don't be dead
When I sleep I still see them in my head
So homey I'ma ride for ya
Take the stand and still lie for ya
Hit the clutch
Throw a whole ounce in the dutch, get high for ya
(God damn, Montana
Ah man, maccaroni with the cheese, Montana!)

[Hook x2]
To my niggas behind the bricks and walls
When you come home
Them hoes and bottles on me
The streets my home
They don't love you till you're gone

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About "Love You Till You’re Gone"

This song first appeared on the DJ Delz hosted mixtape Sold By The Pound. A shortened version appeared on the collaboration mixtape Coke Wave with Max B.

The song samples Pink Floyd’s “The Great Gig in the Sky”.

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