Tyler Kinng

Bad Influence


I wanna do it cuz its fun, it’s fun to do bad things, and drive into a car
So did you know you could perhaps kill somebody?
Yes, but I wanted to do hood rat stuff with my friends

Verse 1:
Smoke that blunt skip that class
Tell yo parents you don’t give a fuck if you pass
Real talk…make them mad and shake that ass
Be a stripper I don’t give a fuck make that cash
Mane fuck that gross don’t mow that lawn
Yo parents say be home at 11 but shit you come back at 1
Stop at every red light, nigga fuck that law
Nigga put that condom down and fuck that bitch raw
And if you get that bitch pregnant say it’s not yo fault. Should’ve never spread your legs, say that shit and walk off niggaaa
Sell that dope and smoke that pipe I’m talking
Skip that class and shoot them dice niggaaa
Fuck them cops, run them lights
You getting tickets, steal a wallet then go pay that price niggaaa
Live yo life, don’t think twice, you see yo ex fuck that bitch don’t say nun nice
If she wave don’t wave back cuz that’s not tight
Tell that bitch to suck yo dick and if she don’t then fight
I’m talking, hit that bitch, kick that bitch, they say never fight a woman, say fuck that shit
So you don’t think you should be punished for all of this?
Just a little bit, no video games for a whole weekend

Verse 2:
Fuck yo goals and fuck yo dreams
Put them books down and pick up that weed
You on that basketball team cuz you 6 feet tall
Well fuck yo coach, don’t pass that ball niggaaa. '
Fuck yo team, shoot that shit
If yo coach put you in the game, '
Then put yourself in that bitch
Uh they got practice, skip that shit
You got a job quit that bitch and hit you some links niggaaa. Drink that drink, pop them pills
Nigga fuck that rent don’t pay them bills
Go and steal that car and leave them wheels
Get some moe and that’s the way that I feel hoe

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About "Bad Influence"

Tyler is getting ready to drop a new mixtape called #Syrup he dropped a visual to a new song titled “Bad Influence".

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