We Only Fell In Love To Fall Apart


I'm convinced I found the cure to all of this hopelessness
In a broken bed, in a cluttered head
Il find it on my own
I'm on my own

I can't keep from falling asleep, you got the best of me
(I swear that il sleep through the day as you walk through the city with the weight thay you buried)

I'm young enough to hop, but old enough to know il never change
Il always be this way
And as you move on and move out Il sit here on my own again
I'm on my own again
All of this was a waste of time, well never be fine
I'm a waste of time
Don't waste your time

(Someone said that you gotta make a change, but pennies worth of broken dreams are all I ever seem to find. Maybe one day Il add them up and find that I had more than I had ever had to start.)

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