A Sickness Uncontained


I see the light right in front of me
I know that could change but
I swear it won't stop me
Another day Is passed but I am still here
Costantly looking at another one to live
I tried to escape this pack of wolves
But it's hard to leave when you walk alone
The blood has started to be drained
'cause sometimes the hunter becomes the prey
All he wanted was a decent mind
A better world to leave behind
A cosmic message of empathy
Ourself's our worst enemy
Breathe in, Breathe out
Beside myself I feel
Your presence there to fill
What's empty inside of me
Leading Us to the dream
You made real but with consciousness
It couldn't take more than
That sickness uncontained
Take my hand and please don't run away
And don't tell you can't cos it means nothing to me
A clear image of you I see at the distant blue
It fades in elegance, right there behind the throne
Remember him we must, In future as in past
The essence turned to dust leaving a void into us
This hollow Crown that you have left consumed me to the depths
Our final judgements to be dead
Cause everything has an end
It doesn't matter what your name is
You could be a God or just a man;
Our final judgments to be Dead

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