One Day

in Pieces


Woh, one day I'm gonna need
Woh, one day I'm gonna need

[Verse 1: Beleaf]
My life ain't looking like my dreams no more
Getting hotter than my brothers ever seen for sure
Throwing up real prayers like "oh my Lord"
Open up the word and it's cutting like a sword
All the homies right behind me (Hey!)
Walking on a tight rope we all up on the court
And of course I been walking on the net rope pair
For some net rope alley with some scattered trash
I'm an average dude with a tattered past
Blacker than most but I'm glad you laugh
Cause a light gotta shine and I know I might blind
But it may contain size like Stacy Dash, woo
Dark to light that's that Sammy Sosa
Even when the cops try to pull me over
Got faith found need a four-leaf clover, woo
Even when I'm broke as a truck and I really ain't got no hope
And I know how to swim but I really can't float
Then he come right beside me and you hear that boy board like "woohoo"
Walking on water but I'm leave it on a course
I was in the East it was gonna be more
But he walked up behind me and you hear that boy code like oooh
Woh one day one day (yeah) I'm gonna need
Woh one day I'm gonna need

It goes a little something like this uh
[Verse 2: Lawren]
One day Monday through Sunday tryna be fly
But I ran through the runway
I'm from the state that's shaped like "come play"
I'm on the block like a word play
Instead of go to church maybe like "one day"
Jesus do you wanna? Pay me with Thursday
Broke up with my ex prolly in the worst way
Threw some money in her face yo I need my space, uh
Yo Saundra, I'm not your man
Couple days later I'm crying like a man
Couple months later I'm tryna to dismear
I went to church they showed me they loved me
They knew I was thuggin' on the block
And they was thinking of me, crazy
I ain't ever know what that feel like
But I know in that moment it was real life
All right, uh
One day I'm gonna need
I'm on my knees no gun to my head
Tryna fight to the death you I died to my sin
The pride gotta end of the Christ covenant
Boy I'm a mess can't wait for the glory
More leading, more bleeding boy this getting gory
Got so much more, this a piece to the story
Yeah this a piece to the story
Woh, one day I'm gonna be
Woh, one day I'm gonna be

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Artwork by Kevin Hackett