Ambient Vale

Breaking The Seventh Seal


I feel so drained
From this lifestyle
I'm thinking about getting out now
But you'd have to push me, oh Lord
You'll have to push me, to the edge

I've grown so attached to this toxin
But I can't recall not ever liking it
But I hate it, too
So what do I do?
I don't want to die, but I
I can't see the light
If you're above
Give me a sign that you'll save me
Lend me your hand
Raise me up out of this world
Above the oncoming flames
Torment and disaster await me
But only if I stay here
I can't listen to them, I must ignore them
I gotta keep my eye on the ball
And get my head out of the clouds
Out of this pain and anguish

Cause I know
Yeah, I know
That you can save me
Only you can save me
But they still go on
It's like they can't see through this darkness
Make me a light that can shine through
All the pain and the lies

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