Some people to get some brief diversion from the heaviness of politics and your day to day grind, and you just want a little fun, a little r-n-r. Others of you want to be politically challenged and uplifted and motivated to enact change in your communities...

But, yeah, and that you know, that's a perfect little space in this fucked up entertainment complex that we have constructed for ourselves, where we... Do you people realize that we have like an entertaining tyrant happening right now? Like Hilarious.

Where do you think entertainment comes from? Let's venture a guess...

So, when we're born--this is where we start, this is the fucking joke--our brains are too big to make it through the birth canal, so evolution makes us half-formed when we come out. And culture fills the gap. And we just do our best and hope that someone is going to tell us what is right or wrong and whatevernot. But, when you can find out a way to make one thing more attractive, one way of being more attreactive, that is when you get entertainment. Right?

I am not, I am deeply off script right now. To be honest I don't know.. what I saw, what I see happening right now... I don't know that I can rationally respond to this, like it's insane. It's truly insane. Are we just supposed to have a blues, like a chili-off right now? And just wait for someone hilarious to say something hilarious that makes us feel better about it for a second? Do we think that our hilarious tyrant is going to be met with a hilarious revolution? That is won by hilarious revolutionairies? And the whole thing is gonna be like entertaining as fuck the whole time.

I'm standing in front of a battleship, do you know what I mean, a literal battleship, in a country, that I can't even say it out loud. I always thought that it was going to look way more sophisticated than this when fucking evil happened. When the collective consciousness was so numb and so fucking sated and so gorged on entertainment... I expected a less cliche evil. And now it's just this bad... it's not even good writing. It's not even a good narrative.
How entertaining should this be right now? With a fucking battleship in the background and this shit happening on fucking fun should this be? How fucking fun can it be? Can it be real in any sense? with that shit... I can not play bored in the usa for you right now. No, no, no because guess what, I soft-shoed that shit into existence... by going: no no no look over here put your self awareness on it will never actually be that bad because we're too smart' and while we were looking in that direction... stupidity just fucking runs the world... because entertainment is stupid.

Do you guys realize that? Like, at the core, entertainment is stupid, you're welcome.

You may be bummed that homeless Chris Isaak is up here in a half unbottoned is stupid. But i gurantee you it is the only thing that may sticks out in this, fucking, fucking hickory smoked, this fucking abortion that culture is... maybe you're remember that. It's not particularly catchy...

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Apparently off the cuff rant from FJM’s WXPN’s XPNONENTIAL FEST 2016 performance, seen here:

References the nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential nominee

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