Verse 1 TK Savage

Last night I saw you taking pictures
Switchin poses saying hit me up no lame niggas
My homeboys tried to tell me listen
They said pay attention before you get conflicted
Now my heart is missing and I know why
I started fucking around with the wrong one
Just thinking that these young girls they hella fun right?
Well TK Savage had to stop playin dumb girl I ain't Patrick
Had to drop that bitch like a bad habit, way back at the kick back thought I could have it well
Fake friends you won’t get the issue
That light skinned he done broke your heart so let me get the tissue Yeah
And I told myself that I'm gonna miss you
Girl I've been playing patient with these conversations now I'm done with you
Goddamn Goddamn
Girl I really thought that I had fun with you
In the circus lights you were looking right I just wanted to kiss you
Thinking I'm your favorite I was still debating to be on your wait list, and you had me waiting, when I saw
Your snap he said he had you shaking, when he kissed you back I saw my heart just fading yeah


Shawty kinda bad right now yeah
I’m not the only one you have right now yeah
And I ain't even mad right now yeah
You not the only one I have right now yeah
Cause we don’t love these hoes
I got too much problems
I don’t even trust these hoes
Give em too much power
We ain't even cuff these hoes
I see you posting for some likes
You just caught up in the hype
Finessing, yea
Mad, yea

Keith Wonder Verse 2

I went to Texas A&M
I cut a bitch and her friend, woah
She wanna keep it on the low
She don’t want her man to know
As far as it goes don’t truss these hoes like Metro Boomin
As far as it goes got a U-Haul so I keep it movin
Don’t get involved you get sprayed off like aerosol
Baby girl im hella cold, upper Echelon been tellin yall
I can run this world with my eyes closed
Im rolling with the Gang
They prolly got some Zans
If you wanna bring a friend
She gotta be a 10
That’s hotilines from the summertime (that’s fire)
Cause shawty I am not the one oh myyy
Girl you know I got some options (got some options)
But that is not up for discussion (no no)
So don’t be watching on my snaps, you might run it back, you might fuck around and get upset (oh yeah)

TK $avage 3rd Verse

You was playin with my emotions girl, yeah
On all of that I gave you my whole world, yeah
Tryna hope that you would feel the same
I dropped the clues off like I went insane
Yea my mind was sayin ditch that, wish that, I could stay around
Only girl I think is right for me when I look around
We were steady round town taking pictures downtown
I was looking at you too fore my love was even found

Shawty kinda bad right now
Im not the only one you have right now
And I ain't even mad right now

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