The Streetfighters

See No Evil


[Verse 1: Alex]
See no evil
Hear no evil
Fuck you nigga I'm the devil go get a shovel cus your shit stink and move it out
Fuck your girl then I move her out
She won't stop talking so I came on her blouse
Now she talking oh my god get the fuck bitch I'm moving you out
Drop the beat when I drop the top
Y'all niggas claim that y'all hard as rock but my bars are tho
I am a demon like Naruto don't really care what you think of me
Bitch I am only invested in greenery
Came for you niggas I needed a change in the scenery
Holy shit now they are seeing me
Y'all niggas humans well I am machinery
For real, this ain't even a beat to me this is a call to the niggas who think they are beating me
Y'all should go to a hospice
Done with, all that nonsense
Y'all niggas ran out of options
Prepare all of the coffins
Y'all niggas need to quit coughing
Y'all niggas need a few tokens
So here is some gifts
Open one up and you'll see it's my piss
Cus here's what you don't know
Go to your funerals use your dead bodies as urinals
Casper that, that was real dark
Duh nigga what didn't you get from the start
This is some shit that is straight from the heart
What about that love shit man
Nah fuck that shit I'm the fucking man
Satan's right hand
Satan's left hand
Satan's mind shit I'm Satan's weapon
100 50 thousand degrees
Burn a man down to his knees
Alex is pussy well Alex is sleep
Casper been gone for a couple of weeks
Now Casper is here to say that you're weak
See lions don't care for opinions of sheep
Pray for a mill but without the Meek
Drake dropping that Summer Sixteen
Well shit it feel like summer to me
Yes I'm Aquarius but I supply heat
I am a carnivore you are the meat
Yeah you are the meat yeah you are the meat
Yeah yeah you are the meat yeah
You are the meat yeah yeah you are the meat
[Verse 2: Ross Allen]
I'm savage and all of my niggas reek havoc
The day that I die I sleep in Chanel casket
I never fear death I am way too farfetched yeah
Peep the cross embedded in my chest
And I'm tired of these niggas who want to start rapping
They claim they a rapper but it ain't gon happen
I feel it I'm packing my niggas we quiet
I stay down to earth because greatness is silence
But run up on me you gon want to pay homage
I'm sicking my savages on them they violent
They stay in the state penn they Nittany Lions
The judge gave a sentence it came with a comma
Napoleon D! I stay with that llama
Your bitch on my D! She heard I got dollars
So don't talk to me unless it ain't commas
I fucked on your bitch and that pussy was priceless
If you ain't a ten I don't see you like Titans
I can't see no evil I killed all my rivals
I even got Christian Bale calling me psycho
They calling me goat am I billy or Michael?
I am the shit I don't come with Frebreze
I'm Kobe bitch I barely pass like a D
But whenever I spit it is obvious C
I changed the game then I upped to a B
But are you an animal and the same beast?
Her pussy get moist off the drop of the beat
No Wade no Bosh but I'm bringing the heat
I pray that a bitch nigga step up to me
Put a whole in his hat bring him down to his knees
Yeah fuck nigga you ain't no beast
I am a carnivore you are the meat
Yeah, you are the meat
I hate rapping like this goddamnit on my birthday and shit

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