Life’s Complex

Sting Interlude


[Verse 1]
What’s the point of living if you don’t got a fam?
What’s the point of knowing if you don’t understand?
I’m just looking for my lines to provide
Closure for those who need space and time, yeah
We ain’t closing ‘til you flipping the sign
Cause he can’t see you with that look in his eyes
Drops his lids with a sigh, watching as the memories fly by
Everything that happened to him since the year five-five
Dad left him with mom to go and fight in Vietnam
Too bad he never came back
The only memories that he had left
Was a boomerang and one of his paintings
The one that he made when his mom found out
The one that was made up on grandma’s couch
The one of the sun setting on the horizon
It was signed with “I’ll love you ‘til my time runs out”
Mom took it harder than dad took the bullet
Sanity was dangling and she was gone before he knew it
And like that he was back to square one
And his old fam wanted no relation
And other kids were steady hating on a patient player
Your boy could have turned colder than the Himalayas
Said fuck it, grabbed a gun and slayed ‘em
Take the easy route, take all of his pain and end it
But he didn’t, took all his pain and hid it
The feelings about killing it just wouldn’t break his ceiling, nah
He didn’t, nah nah he didn’t
He didn't
His heart throbbed, his heart throbbed

[Verse 2]
Fast forward man ten years later
He’s 20 with a dream, shackled down as a waiter
Tryna stack his bread for missus Mary Baker
Who sits in the corner always ordered extra bacon
He thought he’d take her on a date for a start
And maybe go back to his place in the dark
But he never got the chance
He glanced at the paper, his heart dropped
It was The Thwacker, no one’s safe from his art, nah
Not even sweet Mary
Who was the killer’s canvas that cold January

His heart throbbed, his heart throbbed
His heart throbbed
His heart throbbed, his heart throbbed
His heart throbbed

[Verse 3]
His heart throbbed, he clutched it
He got his wind knocked out, gust uppercut-ted
Cause he was barely loving his life
But now the power’s gone and his soul got no lights
His home is cold and really dark inside
And ill feelings start to multiply, cause that’s twice now
He looked up to the sky and said “No more white gowns
For right now, please Lord, let me live my life out.”
But that wasn’t the problem, see
Cause the devil wears Prada, he
Gon’ tempt you with the bottle, hook you up with a model
And leave you feeling even worse tomorrow
Or at least that’s how a brother was taught
Give thanks for what you have and really love it a lot
The words of his father rang back in his mind
And the time healed the wounds that the blood couldn’t clot
His heart throbbed, his heart throbbed
His heart throbbed
His heart throbbed, his heart throbbed
His heart throbbed

His heart throbbed, he clutched it
He felt the love of everybody keep it pumping
He outran the pace of the dark
And didn’t need a knife to show the world the shape of his heart

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