Verse 1: Plan-B

Yeah my blade slice quickly through the air
Swiftly and critically I'm wounding all my enemies
Shit taken up my energy
Got calibrated movements
I am ghoulish when the moon lit
Fuck it I'm a monster
Very far from heaven-sent
Cross faded glarin' at the full moon gleams
Lights hit streets with a powerful sheen
Close my eyes tight
Sensitive to light cus I'm snffin on these snow flakes
Young Charlie Sheen
Got shattered dreams blown out the back of my head
Splattered across my bedsheets
I'm loosin nah I'm boolin
Blowin lines numb the pain
Now I'm at a place where I can never go back
Or even be the fuckin same
Lookin at the stars with my bitch every night
Smokin Spirits after we cash in the fuckin pipe
My mind in another fuckin orbit
Clouds transformin' my thought formin
Thinkin' bout the past and the shit that I did
And all of the shit that I still do
Plus all of the fears that I still have
Then a shooting star passed
Anthems for a complex stressed young motherfucka
Who is always cashed
Verse 2: YUNG EZ

I go in slowly
Tired of these motha' fuckas callin' me homie
I'm eatin good ya'll full of baloney
Hit 'n dip like stalonely
16's complicated Adobe
I'm roamin' I'm focused
I'm heated 'bout the low leaf
Far in the ocean
Clean scruffy but the crevasse open
I'm headin' oposin' of heaven
I should be an opponent of heaven
Considerin' the shit I done
I came thru like ya'll supposed to be ready
But ya'll lolly gaggin' like nothin happened
Ya'll vegetables I'm jolly ranchers
Heard some bodies crackin'
Like Dalais famine
Dawg I been workin on some gamma
Just to get a crowds hands up
I'm better bout the past now
Open up this gash now

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