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I'm evolving lyrically
I just killed my former beast
Body in the east but mind on Mercury
I'm finna feast, with my team
You know we photoshoot in the abandoned streets
I'm a leech
Reading emeralds, they're glowing piece by piece
Got my piece in my dime piece pocket
She's so fine eye socket gleam at her goddess body, I'm gon' take her in my rocket
Beaming up they call me Scotty with the beats
I'm that Sailor X boy with the cleats on my feet
Playing soccer with Plato, I visit neighboring planets
I found the sun on my forehead, I go the rhythm like Janet
Now baby please come into my frequency and you'll see
Hidden reef
Hidden Leaf
Ocean village where I creep
Yeah we wavy with physics, forever changing vibrations
I landed on planet Namek and found a sphinx looking Asian
Body made of nature, I truly love the connection but gotta escape my parents
My soul is doing convections
European corrections contaminating my passion but the people loving melanin and my hair stay attractive
I've got some poles on my head, they're just twisted into coils, I rub my body with oils, I am the government's foil like Ah!
She's like take me to the truth even if it's deadly
She said she want me go to church but we outside already
I spun her Fibonacci like a top, go inception
So electric baby we're making magnetic connections
I took a peek into the lake, and I saw E.T's reflection
I'm the introspector Gadget
Go Go Gadget soul projection
Going astral with Casper
The truth is what I'm after
I gave the universe balance, and in return it gave answers
Hol' up

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Interstellar is a song I wrote about the leveling up of my music career. I made it with Labstrak at his studio and we just went ham on the beat even though it is so simple.