Everyone tells me to know my place
But that ain't the way I play
Why am I daring to show my face?
'Cause I've got something to say

Move over, sun
And give me some sky
I've got me some wings
I'm eager to try
I may be unknown
But wait till I've flown
You're gonna hear from me
Make me some room
You people up there
On top of the world
I'll meet you, I swear
I'm stakin' my claim
Remember my name
You're gonna hear from me

Fortune smiled
On the road before me
I'm Fortune's child
Listen, world, you can't ignore me

I've got a song
That longs to be played
Raise up my flag
Begin my parade
Then watch the world over
Start comin' up clover
That's how it's gonna be, you'll see
You're gonna hear from me

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About "You’re Gonna Hear From Me"

This song was written for the 1965 film Inside Daisy Clover, as the title character (Natalie Wood) embarks on a career acting in Hollywood. The singing on the soundtrack was partially dubbed by Jackie Ward.

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