Chris Travis



You don't want a race
I'm wild and I sleep in that BAPE
Hit it like she cannot face
These bitches is out of my taste
Just to go get me a Wraith
Hop in that bitch it just stank
Make her remember my face
I know these niggas be hatin'
I came and I kicked down the door
That little boy think he cold
I might just pick yo your hoe
Never that cuz she a hoe
Leave her ass stranded alone (bitch)
I'm a beast but I always feel excited
I make music that make niggas want to fight, bitch
It sound like violence, I make 'em [?]
Walk up in this bitch and all I hear is silence
It's been inside me I just had a chance to find it
Now I found it and I can't fucking hide it
Make a bill, all a nigga need is time, bitch
And I divide and conquer but they can't find me
She love my dick on her lips
I keep my head I don't slip
Lot of these people ain't real
I gotta' handle my biz'
Her pussy sweeter than Brisk
I had to get it up quick
Nigga I'm never gon' quit
Give a fuck if you don't like me
Shout out your bitch because she [?] me
She wanna' fuck on my sidekick
Walk in the air with a rifle
Boy I'm higher that Flight Club
Knife in my hair like I'm Michael
Little bitch she was a slight dub
Outta' your mind and I won't cuff
Aye she put my dick out like a disc
Boy I'm a man I don't diss
And I water the world, It's fucking lightning-ing
Your bitch on webcam you think she Skyping, huh
And I need two redbones but I don't buy em'
Boy I get on that stage it's a recital
And yeah they know my words like I did Ridalin
I see you envy but where is your title at
Walking through the mount' I ain't never scared
Your bitch got the fire, she got that super head
I pull up to the hood then get some turkey legs
I'm a young rich nigga I was born with bread
I see these bitch niggas hatin' cuz they can't get it
Money's out for everybody, how you can't hit it
I can't fuck a average bitch, man I didn't hit it
She was grabbin' for attention and I still dissed it

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