André Previn

I Like Myself


Why am I feeling so good?
Why am I feeling so strong?
Why am I feeling when things could look black
That nothing could possibly go wrong?
This has been a most unusual day:
Love has made me see things in a different way

Can it be?
I like myself
She likes me
So I like myself
If someone wonderful as she is
Can think I'm wonderful
I must be quite a guy!
Feeling so unlike myself
Always used to dislike myself
But now my love has got me riding high!
She likes me, so so do I!

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About "I Like Myself"

This song was written for the 1955 musical film It’s Always Fair Weather, in which Ted Riley (Gene Kelly) escapes from gangsters by blending in with the crowd at a roller-skating rink. Once safe, he glories in the love of a good woman that has cured him of his self-loathing.

The song is less famous than the dance number that accompanies it in the film, in which Kelly tap dances on roller skates through a crowded street.

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