One; I’ll just have one
I’m letting a demon out to dance on my tongue
A hand plucks a string...
I’m feeling much better now as the devil comes slithering

At the end of it all you should know
That I’m laying in the bed that I made on my own

"I am an addict.” There I spit it out
A sweet liquid succubus left a bad taste in my mouth
They can never return; the bridges i’ve burned
Burning over and over like a lesson unlearned
Shit, How did I get here?
I used to be confident; so brash and naive
Arms and legs spread out and curling back in again
Like a collapsing star

I was young, in control, full of hope
And the next thing that I know
I’m alone and I’m pissing and falling
And hi my name’s Colin and…

I am an addict; I have been for years...

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