Everything I have doesn't mean a thing
(I) don't know if you're aware of what's happening
I try to move but it gets harder everyday
I can't make things any plainer, the words get in the way

I saw your face in a pretty magazine
I've tried to forgive you but you're still a mystery
Hopelessly mistaken spluttering decay
I feel the vibes that unites us start to fade

Everything you've done was wrong and pointless
Of all the things you've lost, you miss your mind the most
A million lies that now define the borderline
I wake up every night with (this) emptiness inside
Rats are running wild in the streets. They have nothing to claim
Geolocated predators made to spy
I see them digging a hole in my neighborhood
Congregate until they're much too loud

Which was the weirdest thing you've done? The one you did to me?
Which was the most absurd disturbing thing you said?
You try to wash away the taste of evidence
I’m floating in the puddle of unpleasantness

(You) don't scurry when something bigger comes your way
You undernourished ego yearning for a prey
You are not my eater and I’ll never be your food
I trap the beads of sweat that run between my eyes
Trying to keep it all out of sight and mind
Ever had the feeling you've been here before?
I belong somewhere else, anywhere but here
And to find it cost me everything I have

...but..everything I have doesn't mean a thing
Everything I have doesn't mean a thing
Everything I have doesn't mean a thing
Everything I have doesn't mean a thing

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